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A Philanthropic Beacon of Healthcare in Remote AJK

Umme Ilyas Hospital has been designed to be developed into an ultra-modern facility, fully equipped and planned to meet all international standards. This hospital will set new standards of patient treatment care and rehabilitation. The service delivery facilities including the complete infrastructure will comply with international standards of renowned hospitals.

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Healthcare Services

Discover unparalleled healthcare services at Umme Ilyas Hospital

Over 200 beds ensuring accommodation for a diverse range of patients, offering comfort and personalized care for a restorative healing environment.

Equipped with advanced technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals, our ICU provides specialized critical care, ensuring the highest standards of medical attention.

Our prompt and efficient emergency transportation services, available round-the-clock, guarantee immediate access to vital healthcare resources, prioritizing timely medical intervention.

Our dedicated Emergency Unit operates 24/7, ensuring efficient handling of a broad spectrum of medical crises with a compassionate and responsive approach.

Our Operation Theatre, characterized by precision and innovation, facilitates a wide range of medical procedures, ensuring excellence in surgical interventions.

Benefit from accurate and comprehensive diagnostics with our state-of-the-art X-Ray, CT-Scan, and Ultrasound services, providing invaluable insights for tailored medical treatment.

Experience prompt pharmaceutical care with our well-stocked Pharmacy, offering a comprehensive range of medications, ensuring timely and effective healthcare solutions.

Serving as an essential resource for emergencies and medical procedures, our Blood Bank stands ready to meet critical healthcare needs, ensuring patient safety and well-being.

Our Nursery provides specialized care for newborns, emphasizing a commitment to family well-being and fostering a nurturing environment for the newest members of our community.

Dedicated to accuracy and efficiency, our Laboratory Services offer essential diagnostic insights, ensuring precise and timely information for effective medical decision-making.


Ethnic culture

A Philanthropic Beacon of
Healing in Remote AJK

Embarking on a unique philanthropic endeavor, UMM E ILYAS Hospital, a project by The Centaurus Group, is set to provide healthcare excellence in one of the most remote areas of AJK, Pakistan. Phase 1 will feature 50 beds, expanding to 200 in Phase 2, incorporating centers of excellence, specialty units, private clinics, and vital clinical support facilities. Committed to comprehensive care, the hospital will offer inpatient and outpatient services, supported by state-of-the-art functions including a laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy.

Situated at the nexus of Rawalkot, Bagh, and Palandri, serving approximately 1.5 million people lacking essential healthcare, the hospital addresses rising mortality rates due to the absence of local medical facilities. UMM E ILYAS Hospital stands as a beacon of hope in these remote regions, minimizing the need for arduous journeys to Rawalpindi or Muzafarabad for basic health checkups.

Dedicated to completion by 2023,The Centaurus Group invites global participation, sharing site locations and construction progress to garner support. Committed to the cause, the group pledges Rs. 10 million annually for operational costs, showcasing a commitment to the well-being of underserved communities. UMM E ILYAS Hospital: where compassion meets commitment, transforming lives in the heart of AJK.

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